vapor shop in Cedar Park

Local vapor shop in Cedar Park

OK, so I decided to quit smoking and try electronic cigarettes. I found a little vapor shop down the road, I waited to post anything about them just in case my experience changed. I am happy to say that this place is great, they have all the new vaping devises and even make there own e juice right in the store. Kelly is the owner and she is super friendly and for sure helpful. My first trip was just about what you would expect from a newbie, I had no clue what I was looking for. Kelly got me hooked up and on my way, well she loves to talk so not so quick on my way. It was great though, they have a great place to hang out and try new flavors before you even buy anything. Great shop all the way, I promise I will start posting about the crappy places I have been.

interior painting services by painting with purpose

Greate Pianting service in Austin Texas

We just moved to our new house and it needed some major remodeling. We found from a close friend a company that paints houses and does minor carpentry. Ok here is the kicker, they use all of the profits after they pay there employees for a non profit to help free slaves around the word.

Anyways here is an interior picture of our house after everything was set back up.

interior painting services by painting with purpose

Man these guys did a great job, thanks again Aaron
Check them out at

European auto repair in Houston Texas

Great european auto mechanic in Houston

I recently had to take my Lexus to the shop, I did what anyone else would do and Googled Lexus repair in Houston Texas. I found this little shop in cypress called Campbells Auto Care. I decided to take my car to them and was pleasantly surprised at how professional this little shop was. Craig the owner was friendly and took a look at my car and diagnosed it while I waited. They gave me a loaner car and had my car back the next day. I was really happy about the price because I know how much this car is to get fixed and I was dreading it.